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Best Heated Office Chair
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In today’s modern world, people are very busy in earning money. They always run towards money and for that doing a job is essential. Whether you working in an office or MNC company, it is must to sit all day long. When it comes to the working process, you need some comfortable thing to sit that will give you the extra energy to do work, isn’t it? Nowadays, due to sitting a long time all day, people suffer from many health issues that are mostly chronic problems back pain, spinal cord problems, muscle pains, cramps and many more.

For that heated purpose, a heated chair is a fantastic way to sit comfortably in an office while working and simultaneously provides heat in cold winter season. In other words, it gives you a massage and extreme warmth at the time of working hence, it is also known as a massage office chair. This classy heated office chair not only gives you a good massage your body but also reduce the stress-related issues and gives soothing warmth to your lumbar area.

There are plenty of products that we have gathered here that definitely suits your all basic needs and financial budget.

Let us see at our new top picks now.

Top 8 Best Heated Office Chair Complete Buyer’s Guide in 2020

8. Windaze Heated Massage Office Chair

This comfortable heated massage office chair swivels executive ergonomic heated vibrating chair comes from Windaze. Whether there is a working or resting environment, this heated office chair is the perfect one. It includes a six-point massage feature that hits all parts of your body such as upper back, lower back and leg areas for maximum effect. These heating settings and massage vibrations help to relax aching muscles, healing back support to thigh circulation and comfort. These heated office chair made from eco-friendly soft PVC leather upholstery with dense foam padding for outstanding comfort. Windaze office chair comes with a remote control that allows you to change the massage settings including choosing the time, intensity, mode, heat, etc. There are two different colors are available in this heated chair like Beige and Brown.

Windaze Heated Massage Office Chair

Key Features:

  • Comfortable design
  • Well adjustable
  • Made up of soft PVC leather upholstery
  • Included with wireless remote to manage massage and heat settings
  • Available in two different colors: Beige and Brown

7. Gentherm Heated and Cooled Executive Office Chair

The quite dynamic heated office chair designed by the Gentherm reputed brand. These heated chair offers superior warmth and comfortable work environment or space at any time. The Gentherm heated office chair is operated by a rechargeable, high capacity Li-Ion battery. An innovative automotive-grade thermal technology of the chair perform nicely which provides accurate temperature as user desired. By using HIGH/LOW settings, you can manage the chair to hot, warm or cold temperature as you wish. The cooling system feature is also included with this chair. The cooling and heating technology are generally distributed by using a 3D system. An auto-shutoff sensor function for energy and safety. A wireless remote control comes with it, which is powered by a lithium battery.

Gentherm Heated and Cooled Executive Office Chair

Key Features:

  • Luxurious design
  • Automotive-grade heating and cooling system in back and seat cushion
  • Durable components and offers superior comfort
  • Comes with auto-shutoff sensor for energy savings and safety
  • Operated by a rechargeable, high capacity Li-Ion battery

6. Barcalcounger Shiastu Massage Office Chair

The Shiatsu Massage office chair is made by the Barcalounger manufacturer. This heated office chair is very easy to operate. It was specially designed to provide maximum relaxation and comfort. This stylish heated office chair is made up of warm brown-bonded leather. With this Barcalounger heated office chair, you will not experience any difficulty while trying to control the upper and lower back massage areas. There are dual pre-programmed massages for the back and shoulders which offered by the controller. By using this heated office chair, you can get an automatic massaging sensation. If there is no one on the chair, it has been customized to stop following thirty minutes of idling. It equipped with a comfortable headrest that offers helps to support your head and neck.

Barcalounger Shiatsu Massage Office Chair

Key Features:

  • Elegant and comfortable design
  • An easy-to-operate controller is included
  • Pre-programmed massages
  • Layered foam with added comfort-coiled springs

5. Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair with 360 Degree Adjustable Height & Armrest

The comfortable office massage chair is developed by the Mecor company. Mecor ergonomic office chair comes with an automatic power-off function hence it is safer than another heated office chair. This Mecor Heated Office Chair is made up of soft PU/PVC leather upholstery with soft padding for extreme comfort. It comes with reclining function allows you to adjust the height of the chair. The strong casters are included with this chair, these casters having about 360-degree swivel capability approximately. Multi-functional vibration massage points feature offers massage upper back, lower back, and thighs/ lumbar. Multiple massage intensity is also available. Easy and convenient to use remote control comes with the product package through which you can adjust the chair or you can control the time, set massage modes, manage the vibration strength. According to the customer reviews, this Mecor heated office chair has better performance means your entire body will be completely relaxed by using this chair.

Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair with 360 Degree Adjustable Height & Armrest

Key Features:

  • Comfortable design
  • Multi-functional
  • Multiple massage intensity function
  • Easy and convenience to use
  • Strong casters included with 360-degree swivel capability

4. Mecor PU Leather Heated Executive Computer Office Chair

This Mecor PU Leather heated office chair is almost identical to the one you just saw. They are both very agreeable and have every one of the highlights you did search for in an item like this one. The main unique feature about this heated office chair is that its heating function performs not only for its back but also for a seat. Hence this chair became a popular choice for most users. Mecor Heated Office Chair will also be of ideal use for those people who suffer from stress and anxiety. It is made of PU/PVC Leather, soft and durable leather and padded armrests, delivering you additional comfort. There are six vibrating points available in the upper back, lumbar, and thighs part. It is able to ease the disturbed mind, elevate pain, relax muscles, and enhance their flexibility with this six vibrating points. If you forgot to deactivate this heated chair, an overheat protection feature is added in it that will power down the unit. by using a user-friendly remote that is carefully attached to the right corner of the office chair, you can change the massage mode, massage session duration and the strength of vibration.

Mecor PU Leather Heated Executive Computer Office Chair

Key Features:

  • Unique design
  • Made of PU/PVC Leather, soft and durable leather and padded armrests
  • Six vibrating massage points
  • User-friendly handy remote included
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Comes in 2 colors: Beige and Brown

3. Tovendor Heated Massage Office Chair

This heated massage office chair comes from the Tovendor manufacturing brand. This Tovendor heated office chair designed with a curved PU leather for upper and lower back support. It is a combination of traditional style and specific ergonomic functions plus massage and heating functions to soothe aching muscles. It consists of a remote controller with six different massage settings, you can customize your massage with built-in heating and vibrating options that target the upper back, lower back as well as legs. The time function has 10/15/20 minute duration through which you can select the duration as you wish. It included a padded seat, armrests, and backrest with pneumatic seat-height and offers position adjustment for maximum comfort.

Tovendor Heated Massage Office Chair

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Remote controller with 6 vibrating massage options
  • Customize your massage by using remote that controls multiple levels of massage intensity levels
  • Strong base with 5 wheels
  • Available in 2 colors: Cream White and Dark brown

2. HOMCOM Heated Executive Massage Office Chair

One of the most stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting heated office chair is here, the executive heated office chair from HOMCOM. This is a latest heated office chair which offers optimum comfort as well as health. It is a great alternative for those who are color conscious because it is available in four different attractive colors such as Black, Brown, Cream White, and Red. Made from high quality, extra-padded PU faux leather makes it long-lasting and comfortable while sitting for long periods of time. The HomCom heated office chair ergonomically designed in a fashionable way with advanced sound features. It also helps in help in soothing muscles and relaxes you due to its heating and massage features. There are 6 different massage settings with built-in independent heating and vibrating options, you can customize your massage with the help of remote control. Smooth-rolling casters are included that allows you to move chair one place to another. These six massaging settings help to prevent sitting related illness because of poor blood circulation to the back and the legs.

HOMCOM Heated Executive Massage Office Chair

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic and fashionable design
  • Made up of extra padded material
  • Efficaciously relieves fatigue
  • 6 point massage settings
  • Smooth-rolling casters for easy transportation
  • Offers full body comfort
  • Comes in 4 different colors: Black, Brown, Cream White, and Red

1. Alera ALESH7119 Shiastu Heated Office Chair

The Shiatsu heated massage office chair is developed by the Alera manufacturer. Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique or massage therapy or massage function that leads to very deep relaxations. If you are searching for a more healthy massage office chair, this is an ideal product for you because it gives you a healthy massage therapy and helps to hit multiple body parts that ensure your muscles relax. All-day comfort and breathability allow by this leather chair with perforated seat and back sections. This is the fantastic solution to take the stress out of a busy day. Rather than simply vibrating, this heated office chair offers you a rolling massage. The included massage rollers move from lumbar area to the shoulders that offer maximum comfort. The Alera heated office chair comes with an easy-to-operate remote control which is used to controls the positioning of the massage rollers and allows you to set a timer for all kind of function available in this chair.

Alera ALESH7119 Shiatsu Heated Office Chair

Key Features:

  • Great for the vigorous massage
  • Provides Shiatsu-style massage therapy
  • Helps to stress relieves
  • Included with massage rollers
  • Comes in 2 combination colors: Black/Silver Base and Chocolate Marble/Bronze
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  • Barcalcounger Shiastu Massage Office Chair
  • Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair with 360 Degree Adjustable Height & Armrest
  • Mecor PU Leather Heated Executive Computer Office Chair
  • Tovendor Heated Massage Office Chair
  • HOMCOM Heated Executive Massage Office Chair
  • Alera ALESH7119 Shiastu Heated Office Chair


Here in this post we have collected the top 8 best heated office chair complete buyer’s guide in 2020. All these models come from well-famed brand, offers amazing massage therapy, has advanced innovative features. So, if you are searching the best heated office chair, then come on our site and pick up from our collection as per you budget.

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