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Best Heated Slippers
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People go crazy for slippers. We all are friendly with regular slippers, isn’t it? But are you familiar with heated slippers? If your answer is ‘NO’ then don’t worry we will here to tell detail information about the heated slippers. Heated slippers are much more comfortable than strolling or walking around the house barefoot. While you walk around the house or go outside, you want extra warm feet, you actually require the good pair of heated slippers.

Getting ready for winter? But the cold winter days this can be really frustrating or unbearable. There are several of the bunch of best heated slippers available on the market. Here we have presented the top best heated slippers comes from top brand heated clothing industry.

Top 6 Best Heated Slippers Complete User Reviews In 2019

6. ValueRays USB Heated Slippers

The USB heated slippers are coming from ValueRays well-famed manufacturer. ValueRays Heated Slippers are the best solution for chilly feet when sitting in front of the PC connected to a USB port or at time of watching TV utilizing a USB adapter. These heated slippers feature a USB 5V carbon fiber heating element which covered with fire-retardant fabric and infrared heating. These ValueRays heated slippers require two USB adapters or two USB ports that offer stronger energy to generate maximum heat and make for easier to move. The ValueRays Warm Slippers give a steady stream of infrared warmth to the bottom of your cool feet.

ValueRays USB Heated Slippers

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Key Features:

  • USB 5V carbon fiber heating element
  • Requires 2 USB ports or USB adapters
  • Offers stronger energy to create heat
  • Does not require extra software

5. Snookiz Microwaveable Heated Booties Slipper For Women

Snookiz have made this microwaveable heated booties slipper in the USA especially for women. This is a great solution for cold feet during the harsh winter season. It takes up to 30 minutes to warm up your feet. The Snookiz slippers are produced with 100% natural and eco-friendly materials. There are lots of amazing features of these premium heated slippers such as they help various types of chronic medical problems such as swelling of all sorts, and sore/ tired feet, they also assist to relaxes the blood vessels. These Snookiz women heated slippers soft plush fabrics, reusable and washable. LavaTech inside sole is included which is lightweight, flexible, smooth, comfortable able to detached from the heated slippers.

Snookiz Microwaveable Heated Booties Slipper for Women

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Key Features:

  • Takes up to 30 minutes to warm up your feet
  • Improved heating element enclosed in flame retardant fabric
  • Easy to use and simple
  • Made with soft plush fabrics
  • Reusable and washable

4. Smoko Heated Smores Slippers

If you are searching a good pair of heated slippers for wearing around the house then these cute and delicate designed Smoko Heated Smores Slippers are the perfect choice for you. The super and sweet style slippers are designed to be plugged constantly and work best while you are seated on a work desk. These smoko heated slippers are so flabby, made up of a superior ultra-cushioned material and premium soft fabric that offers a luxurious experience and maximizes comfort. The groundbreaking features are available in this heated slippers including USB plug-in technology which permits you to keep your toes extra warm while you are studying, working, etc. The design is “one-size-fits-most” that means you no need to buy different types of sizes. The removable cable plugs are included into any Mac, PC or other USB port that helps to heats up your feet or toes for additional comfort.

Smoko Heated Smores Slippers

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Key Features:

  • Delicate and flabby design
  • Made up of ultra-cushioned material
  • USB plug-in technology
  • Removable cable plugs are included

3. ObboMed MF-2305L Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heated Slipper

This infrared carbon fiber heated slipper is developed by the ObboMed manufacturing brand. Their soft sole design for cozy touch and equipped with zippers for superior wearing comfort and convenience. These ObboMed Heated Slippers run on 5 Volt or 12 Volt power. If you want to plug them into your mobile charger, laptop, home PC or a portable power pack the 5-volt option is perfectly convenient. There are two heating levels with LED power indicator. The heating level is displayed by this LED power indicator: gentle warmth is indicated by the green light and red light indicates fast warmth. They operate with a home adapter for more power. You should consider the 12-volt MF2320 or MF26320 models if you need faster heating. These are MF-2300 pair of slippers is powered by a 5 Volt USB outlet with the latest carbon fiber heating mechanism for the heating process. These sObboMed heated slippers take 10 to 15 minutes to warm up.

ObboMed MF-2305L Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heated Slipper

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Key Features:

  • Soft sole design
  • Affordable
  • Powered by a 5 Volt USB connection
  • Constructed with zippers for easy wearing comfort and convenience

2. VOLT Battery Heated Slippers

We all are familiar with the well-famous Volt brand. These battery heated slippers are coming from this volt brand. These are unisex slippers designed for both men as well as women. VOLT Heated Slippers are made up of superior nylon fabric and comes with high-grade rubber sole. These high-quality battery-powered heated slippers give long periods of soothing warmth to help revitalize numb toes and chilly, worn out feet. There are two lithium-ion batteries that required to be charged daily because these batteries are used to heat these Volt slippers. They offer up to 150 degrees of pulsing heat. You can select between 4 power level settings to control the desired temperature. It provides between 3 and 10 hours of usage per charge. They have a super soft sole on them which makes them fairly fine for the outdoors as well. These battery heated unisex slippers come in all sizes as well as three color alternatives such as Grey, black and purple. They last up to 10 hours on per charge and the product package available with a wireless remote control to manage heat intensity level.

VOLT Battery Heated Slippers

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Key Features:

  • Made up of nylon
  • Construct with super soft rubber sole
  • Offers up to 150 degrees of pulsing heat
  • A wireless remote control is included
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries and a dual charger

1. Gen IV Heated Slippers by Volt

These are the newest pair of Volt heated slippers to help keep your feet toasty warm and let you forget about numb toes and cold tired feet. There are many different features such as they constructed with two 3.7V batteries as well as a remote to control the heat. The Gen IV heated slippers also have a nylon pull on the heel of the slipper that offers extreme comfort. One of the vital features about these slippers is that they have the zipper on the side that opens from the top to the downside to the sole. The pretty super soft sole on these slippers makes them versatile means convenient for not only for indoor but also for outdoor, ideal for camping, driving, airplanes, light walking and even sleeping. A wall charger is also included with them, that will get them completely charged inside 3 hours. These Heated Slippers come in both colors black and purple and they are available in both men and women sizes.

Gen IV Heated Slippers by Volt

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Key Features:

  • Versatile heated slippers
  • Nylon pull tab on the back
  • Long battery life
  • Available in two colors: Black and Purple
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In this post, we have provided the top 6 best heated slippers complete user reviews in 2019. All the model are of advanced technology, innovative features, made of environment-friendly material, and offers high performance. Hence you can choose anyone of these as per your basic requirements and monetary budget.

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